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Power up Lending Service
Terms of Service

Article 1.2 (This agreement and changes to this agreement)

Our company can change this agreement. In this case, we will announce the date of application of the change and the content after the change on the web page that introduces the Service on our website, and then apply to the applicant for the date of application of the change and the content after the change. If the applicant notifies us by sending an email to the email address notified in advance and the applicant continues this agreement even after the date of application of the change, the applicant agrees to change this agreement It is assumed that the contents after the change of this agreement become the contents of this contract.

Establishment of this contract and start of this service

This contract is concluded when we accept the application of this contract according to the method prescribed by us. 3. When the Company determines that installing the Spot in a place controlled by the Applicant will hinder the business performance of the BSS or the Service, it determines that it is not appropriate to lend the Spot to the Applicant. If you do, you may not accept the application, or you may withdraw your consent once made.

Use/Management of the power up

The Applicant shall use and manage the Spot during the execution of this contract under the conditions stated in the application form and other conditions (including but not limited to the installation location, installation method, layout, etc.) agreed by us and the applicant. It must be made.

Advertising Display Use

1. The Company and the Applicant separately agree on the method of defining the Display installed in the Spot (hereinafter referred to as the "Display") and the Company and the Applicant. Based on the method, the advertisement can be used.
2. Unless otherwise agreed by the applicant, we will use 360-second video (hereinafter referred to as the "Promotional Advertisement Video") repeatedly on the Display for the purpose of using the Advertisement for the Display. The content of this advertisement image can be specified by the Company for 240 seconds from the beginning and by the applicant for 120 seconds after 240 seconds have elapsed, each month.


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